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Tank Farm Fabrication

Tank Farm Fabrication

Tank Farm : Design & Fabrication & Construction

Tank Farm Construction

A reliable partner for industrial Tank Farm needs in the Chemical, Petroleum and Food sectors. ACES has more than 15 years of history as an engineering company in Tank Farm design and manufacturing. It offers state-of-the-art solutions that exceed industry standards to the specialised storage needs of various industries.

At ACES, we offer comprehensive Tank Farm design services tailored to your unique requirements. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with you to understand your operational needs, space constraints, and safety considerations. With meticulous attention to detail, we create Tank Farm designs that optimize storage capacity, ease of operation, and safety protocols.

Tank Farm fabrication is a critical aspect of our expertise. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced technology, we ensure the highest quality in every Tank Farm component. Our skilled craftsmen employ precision techniques to construct robust and durable tanks that withstand the demands of the Chemical, Oil, and Food industries.

Our dedication doesn't end at design and fabrication. ACES provides seamless Tank Farm installation services to ensure a smooth and efficient setup. Our experienced installation team meticulously handles every aspect, ensuring that your Tank Farm is operational in the shortest possible time, without compromising on safety.

Tank Farm : Design & Fabrication & Construction

Tank Farm Design

At ACES, we pride ourselves on delivering turnkey solutions, taking your Tank Farm project from concept to completion. Our expertise in fabrication and installation ensures that your Tank Farm design is brought to life seamlessly and efficiently.

For the Chemical industry, our Chemical Tank Farms are designed to store and handle various chemicals securely. With strict adherence to safety guidelines, we offer peace of mind for handling hazardous substances.

In the Food industry, ACES designs, fabricated and installation Tank Farms that meet the highest hygiene and sanitary standards.

Partner with ACES for your Tank Farm needs, and experience unmatched professionalism, cutting-edge designs, and reliable fabrication and installation. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the ACES advantage in Tank Farm solutions for the Chemical, Oil, and Food industries. Your success is our mission.

Tank Farm : Design & Fabrication & Construction

Oil Tank Farm

Our Oil Tank Farms are meticulously designed to store and manage various types of oils, including crude oil and refined products. With a keen focus on safety, environmental compliance, and efficiency, we deliver tank farms that meet the highest industry standards.

Chemical Tank Farm

Our Chemical Tank Farms are meticulously designed to store and handle a wide range of chemicals safely and efficiently. With a focus on compliance and safety, we ensure that our Tank Farms meet all relevant industry standards and regulations.

At ACES, we understand the unique requirements of the chemical industry. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with you to create custom Chemical Tank Farms that optimize storage capacity, facilitate smooth operations, and enhance productivity.

Water Tank Farm

With a deep understanding of water management, our team of engineers ensures that our Water Tank Farms are optimized for capacity, safety, and ease of use.

At ACES, we utilize advanced fabrication techniques and high-quality materials to construct durable and long-lasting Water Tank Farms. We are committed to delivering tanks that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions and provide you with reliable water storage for years to come.

Whether you need a small-scale tank for private use or a large-scale farm for commercial purposes, ACES can accommodate your requirements with tailor-made Water Tank Farm solutions.

Experience the excellence of ACES' Water Tank Farm services for your water storage needs.

Tank Farm : Design & Fabrication & Construction

Frequently Asked Questions about Tank Farm and Comments from our Experts;


How does a tank farm work?

A tank farm works by storing and managing large quantities of liquids, such as chemicals, oil, or water, in multiple tanks within a designated area. These tanks are interconnected with pipelines, valves, and pumps to facilitate the transfer of liquids to and from various sources.

The tank farm's operation involves filling the tanks with liquids from external sources, such as refineries or processing plants, through incoming pipelines. The liquids are then stored in the tanks until they are needed for various purposes.

When required, the liquids are withdrawn from the tanks using outgoing pipelines, pumps, and valves, and are transported to their intended destinations, such as industrial processes, transportation vehicles, or distribution networks.

The tank farm also includes monitoring and control systems to track liquid levels, pressure, temperature, and other critical parameters, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Regular maintenance and inspections are carried out to ensure the integrity and safety of the tanks and associated equipment.


What are the different types of tank farms?

Type Description
Aboveground tank farm A type of tank farm in which the tanks are located aboveground. Aboveground tank farms are typically used for storing liquids that are not flammable or hazardous.
Underground tank farm A type of tank farm in which the tanks are located underground. Underground tank farms are typically used for storing liquids that are flammable or hazardous.
Combination tank farm A type of tank farm that combines aboveground and underground tanks. Typically used for storing a variety of liquids, including flammable and hazardous liquids.
Bulk tank farm A type of tank farm that is used to store large quantities of liquids. Typically used for storing liquids that are used in industrial applications, such as oil and gas.
Portable tank farm Portable tank farms are typically used for storing liquids that are used in temporary or remote locations.

Each type of tank farm serves a distinct purpose, catering to specific industries and applications, while ensuring safe and efficient storage and management of liquids.

Tank Farm : Design & Fabrication & Construction

What are the safety requirements for tank farms?

12 steps to safety measures at Tank Farms;

   1. Design Compliance: Tank farms must adhere to industry-specific design standards and codes, ensuring that the tanks, pipelines, and associated equipment are constructed to withstand the intended operating conditions and loads.

   2. Leak Detection and Containment: Systems for leak detection, containment, and spill prevention are crucial to prevent leaks or spills that could lead to environmental contamination or safety hazards.

   3. Fire Prevention and Protection: Tank farms must have adequate fire prevention and protection measures in place, such as fire suppression systems, fire-resistant materials, and firefighting equipment.

   4. Steam Control: For volatile or flammable liquids, vapor control systems are essential to minimize the risk of explosions or fires.

   5. Overfill Protection: Overfill protection mechanisms prevent tanks from being filled beyond their safe capacity, avoiding spills and potential damage.

   6. Pressure Relief Devices: Pressure relief devices, such as safety valves and rupture discs, are installed to release excess pressure and prevent tank over-pressurization.

   7. Security Measures: Tank farms should have proper access control, surveillance, and security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

   8. Emergency Response Plan: An effective emergency response plan outlines procedures for handling incidents, evacuations, and communicating with emergency services.

   9. Inspection and Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of tanks, equipment, and safety systems are essential to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

 10. Training and Safety Procedures: Adequate training for personnel involved in tank farm operations is vital to ensure they understand safety procedures, hazard awareness, and emergency response protocols.

 11. Environmental Compliance: Tank farms must comply with environmental regulations, such as spill prevention, air emissions, and waste management, to protect the surrounding environment.

 12. Corrosion Protection: For tanks storing corrosive substances, corrosion protection measures are crucial to maintain tank integrity and prevent leaks.


Overall, adherence to these safety requirements plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and reliable tank farm environment, reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring the well-being of personnel and the surrounding community.


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